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A History of Passwords



Timesharing is an early computing concept that allows multiple users to work off of the same computer’s processing power.

MIT’s CTSS, or Compatible Time-Sharing System, was one of the first computers to implement timesharing. It made computing much more efficient but also required users to share resources, which necessitated some degree of information security.

The CTSS eventually led to development on a commercial system, Multics — which, in turn, inspired the highly influential rival project Unix.

What Makes a Good Password?

How To Crack A Password

Korelogic Password Cracker

The advantage of passwords has always been that they’re easy to remember but difficult to guess. The problem is, hackers have gotten a lot better at guessing.

This machine, put together by security firm KoreLogic in 2013, contains two AMD Radeon 6990 graphics cards. The processing power in each one of these cards can make up to 9 billion guesses per second.

(The rig is submerged in mineral oil to keep it from overheating and catching fire.)